Federica Ciappi

Federica Ciappi was born in Florence, Italy on 15 May 1989.

2003 – 2006 ‘Istituto d’Arte di Siena’ (Art Institute of Siena).

2006 Diploma of ‘Maestro d’Arte’ (Art Master).

2006 Collection of illustrations of the ‘1° Canto della Divina Commedia’ (First Canto of ‘The Divine Comedy’). ‘Tutti all’Inferno’ (All to Hell), Editor Bette, Siena.

2007 Illustrations for the monthly cultural magazine ‘METIS.’

2008 Diploma in ‘Pittorica Decorazione’ (Pictorical Decoration).

2008 Internship with Fabio Chiantini’s studio ‘Limite Design’.

2010 Study in Salamanca, Spain with in depth concentration in some techniques of calcographic engraving, xylography and photography.

2012 Degree from the ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze’ (The Florence Academy of Fine Arts).

2012 Course held by the ‘Cefoart’ of Siena for ‘Tecnico qualificato Fotografo’ (Qualified Technical Photographer) including techniques relative to the photographic field such as still life, portrait, reportage, creation of photographic shots and in depth study of editing techniques.

2013 Study of Portrait Photography at Giampiero Muzzi’s ‘Atelier Settevolte’

2013 Third Level Qualification EQE as ‘Tecnico Qualificato Fotografo’ (Qualified Technical Photographer) at the Ciampolini and Muzzi ‘Centro Fotografico’ (Photographic Centre).

2013 Professional experience in the graphic and photographic fields: still life, portrait, internal photography, reportage and ceremonial photography, with particular attention to post production techniques.


2008 Second place for the ‘III Edizione Premio Satira Grafica Mino Maccari’ (Third Edition of the Mino Maccari Graphic Satire Award) from the ‘Associazione Culturale Mino Maccari’ (Mino Maccari Cultural Association) in Colle Val d’Elsa.

2008 Don Alessando Muzzi Scholarship, ‘Banca Monteriggioni Credito Cooperativo’ (Monteriggioni Cooperative Credit Bank)